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Power Through the Toughest of Built-Up Kitchen Grease and Grime with Kitchen Power Degreaser

Posted by Andres Jimenez on
kitchen degreaser

We all have those spots in our kitchen that need a little extra elbow grease when it comes to keeping them clean.  And, speaking of grease, it can take a high-quality degreaser to properly get the job done.  A kitchen degreaser contains ingredients that are powerful enough to strip even the toughest grease away.  This doesn’t just leave surfaces feeling clean, but makes them smell fresher, since we all know that the smell of grease can be incredibly unpleasant.

What is a Kitchen Degreaser?

Most commercial kitchen degreasers use a combination of surfactants and solvents to effectively dissolve and strip away any kind of greasy residue, but there are also natural degreasing agents that are becoming more popular these days.  Standard kitchen cleaners typically have some degreasing effect but don’t use the heavy-duty degreasing agents that are required to make a big dent in particularly greasy spots.  In order to use it, all you need to do spray on a surface and then wipe clean with a cloth, sponge, or towel.

Where Can a Kitchen Degreaser Come in Handy?

A kitchen degreaser is a lifesaver if you’ve areas in the kitchen that are prone to getting greasy – and unless you only use your kitchen once in a while, you’re going to likely need one to keep things really clean.

So, what areas can benefit most from a little degreaser?

#1: Cleaning the Stove

The stove is another particularly greasy area of the kitchen, and even trying to clean it without a designated degreaser can be a losing battle.  With the right degreaser, a couple of sprays allow you to wipe up an entire week’s worth of grease, which can splatter out of pans and create an unpleasant film on the entire stove surface.

#2: Cleaning the Hood

Perhaps the greasiest and most overlooked area of the entire kitchen is the hood above the stove.  As you cook, grease particles in steam make their way upward, and land on your hood.  This doesn’t just cause your hood to look and feel icky, but it’s also one of the most common causes for kitchen odors.

#3: Cleaning the Sink

While you should never wash grease down the sink, a little bit of oil here and there is pretty much inevitable.  The good news is that a degreaser can do a phenomenal job at getting rid of that thin layer of grease that tends to coat the entire sink, so that it can be sparkling once again.

#4: Cleaning the Microwave

Unsurprisingly, the microwave is one of the greasiest spots in the whole kitchen.  Even if no food is making contact with the interior walls of the oven, grease can inevitably splatter, and as steam makes its way through the microwave, it carries some grease with it which eventually settles on the microwave's surfaces. 

#5: Cleaning the Unexpected

You'd be surprised what we hear from customers about what they used our Kitchen Power Degreaser to clean! There are tons of alternative uses for this magical product. We've even heard from multiple customers, they used it to remove grease from their clothing!

Kitchen Power Degreaser at Grab Green Home: Degreasing the Natural Way

Grab Green Kitchen Power Degreaser gives you the best of both worlds: powerful degreasing action, and gentle, natural ingredients that are nontoxic.  Our degreaser is highly effective, yet it’s free of solvents, harsh chemicals, and noxious odors. We do NOT use any type of solvent, since they are usually derived from oil and are highly processed, leaving behind a HUGE carbon footprint. This concentrated and biodegradable formula cuts through the worst of oil & dirt build-up without caustic chemicals or noxious odors!  Available in two scent options (Tangerine with Lemongrass and Thyme with Fig Leaf), including a Fragrance Free formula, it’s a must-have for keeping your oven, stove, hood, microwave, and other parts of the kitchen beautifully clean.

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