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When to Use Bleach Alternative Pods

Posted by Patricia Spencer on
bleach alternative pods

Let’s face it – no matter how careful we are, our favorite clothes and linens can take a beating.  Life happens, and so does dirt, wine. coffee, food strains, odors, grass strains – you name it, and it finds a way on our precious whites.  Of course, there is always bleach, but bleach comes with some pretty obvious drawbacks that can make us yearn for an alternative.

bleach alternative pods

So, finally, Bleach Alternative Pods at Grab Green Home have arrived to provide all of the benefits of bleach without any of the unwanted side effects like white or yellow splatters, damage to our favorite materials, and skin irritation.  These chlorine-free, eco-friendly laundry pods couldn’t be easier to use, and they deliver on all of their promises. Plus, you can use them on whites OR colors!

What Makes Grab Green Bleach Alternative Pods Your Go-To Stain Remover Solution?

Grab Green Home’s Bleach Alternative Pods are single-use pods which each offer a natural means for removing stains and odors from your whites.  Just plop a pod into your washer and look forward to clothes and linens that look as good as new.  Our Bleach Alternative Pods have even quickly become one of our best sellers, with lots of happy customers, as you can see in our reviews. 

So, when do Bleach Alternative Pods really come in handy?

#1: When Bleach is Too Harsh

Sometimes, bleach is just too harsh of a chemical for our more delicate fabrics.  Many of us learn this the hard way, when a little bleach actually damages certain materials.  If this is a problem for you, then Bleach Alternative Pods are the way to go.  Because they contain no chlorine, they do the job of bleach but in a way that’s far gentler, to keep your most fragile materials safe from harm.

bleach alternative pods

#2: When You Have a Difficult Stain

Our Bleach Alternative Pods have developed something of a cult following, and we couldn’t be more proud.  That’s because our customers are amazed at how they remove pretty much every kind of strain – wine, blood, grass, coffee – you name it, and our pods remove it.  We all know that feeling of panic when we strain something that’s light colored, but the good news is that a single pod is very likely to get that strain out as if it never happened.

#3: When That Odor Just Won’t Go Away

Not only are these pods great for stains, but they also work for odors.  We use a natural combination of ingredients that neutralize odors perfectly, all while being entirely free of fragrances.  That musty-smelling blanket or that mildewy towel will smell as fresh as a spring day with a single Bleach Alternative Pod.

#4: When Your Whites are Looking Dingy

We all know that whites start to look, well, less than white after a while.  Maybe they take on a yellow tinge, or they start to show signs of dirt.  Well, all that you need to do is toss a Bleach Alternative Pod into the wash, and your whites will look as white as they were the day that you bought them.

#5: When You Want a Gentler Option

Some of us don’t like to use bleach because it’s a strong chemical that can irritate sensitive skin, and also introduce a powerful chemical smell into the air.  We understand that bleach can make some people uneasy, which is why we made it our mission to create a chlorine-free alternative.  They don’t have that powerful odor that can make you feel lightheaded and bother your airways when you inhale. According to the CDC, long-term complications may occur after breathing in high concentrations of chlorine, and can also result in burning, chest tightness, blurred vision, and many more symptoms!

Try Bleach Alternative Pods for Fresh, Clean Whites + Colors, and No More Odors!

At long last, there’s a gentler option for those who don’t want to use bleach each time they encounter a strain or odor on their favorite light fabrics.  Easy to use, eco-friendly and incredibly effective, they are a must-have in every household, since you never know when the next pesky strain is lurking around the corner.  Our Bleach Alternative Pods are the perfect laundry booster to tackle difficult stains, dingy colors & whites, and difficult odors.  Free of chlorine and other harsh chemicals, simply toss in with one of our detergent pods for the freshest clothing and linens possible!

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