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10 Ways You Can Try to Keep Your Home Odor-Free

Posted by Andres Jimenez on
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Let’s face it – we can have a visually spotless home, but household odors can be tricky to get rid of even if we think we’re cleaning more than the average person.  Odors are trickier to manage since you can’t just wipe them up and call it a day.  They can come from the hamper full of clothes, your sink, inside the trashcan, etc.  However, there are some fantastic ways to combat certain odors in order to have your home smelling as nice as possible.

So, these awesome tips below might really come in handy regardless of the type of odor that you’re dealing with.

Odor-Free Tip #1: Clean Up Kitchen Grease Immediately After You Cook

Kitchen grease is a common odor causer, and one that we rarely pay much attention to because we get so acclimated to its smell as we spend more time in our homes.  But, grease splatters everywhere, and as we cook, steam carries it to surprising parts of our kitchen, causing a film to develop on the hood of our stove, our cabinets and even our kitchen ceiling.  First off, whenever you cook, wipe down the stove when you’re done.  And, make an effort to clean all surfaces of the kitchen more thoroughly with a degreasing product.

Odor-Free Tip #2: Take Care of Pet Stains as They Occur

If you live with pets, then you’re no stranger to odors.  But, you should take care of all pet stains immediately as they occur, since the longer you wait, the longer they can “settle” into the home.  Similarly, if you have a cat, make sure to empty the litter box at least once a day.

Odor-Free Tip #3: Use as Little Carpeting as Possible

One of the best way to trap odors is to cover your home in carpeting.  The fibers in a carpet hang onto smells for a long time compared to wood or tile floors.  So, if you really want to make some changes to eliminate odors in your home, get rid of as much carpet as possible.  Or, alternatively, you can shampoo or steam-clean your carpets at least monthly to eliminate bad smells.

Odor-Free Tip #4: Open Up Those Windows

Fresh air never did anyone any harm, and it might be time to be more lenient about when you open those windows.  Just an hour a day of allowing fresh air to waft through the home can naturally sweep plenty of odors out.

Odor-Free Tip #5: Stay on Top of the Garbage

We all know that the garbage needs to be taken out frequently since it’s the source of some of the worst smells in the house.  But, when’s the last time you actually cleaned the inside of your trash can, where food and other smelly substances can get trapped and cause all kinds of horrific odors?  We recommend cleaning the inside of your garbage can whenever it starts to smell funky, with a deodorizing disinfectant.

Odor-Free Tip #6: Clean Your Upholstery and Other Fabrics

All fabrics are notorious for trapping odors, which is why you need to consider shampooing your couches and chairs on a frequent basis.  Luckily, there are plenty of upholstery shampoo devices you can buy that make it a piece of cake.  Besides that, make try to wash bedding, linens, curtains, and the like regularly.  This way, you can keep them smelling fresh.

Odor-Free Tip #7: Keep Your Glass Clean

A more surprising odor trap in your home is glass surfaces, which can get pretty grimy over time, especially if they’re near the kitchen where grease is always traveling.  Make a point to wipe down your windows, glass picture frames and mirrors at least weekly.

Odor-Free Tip #8: Familiarize Yourself with Essential Oils

Essential oils can be a godsend if you’re dealing with tough odors.  Diffusing tea tree, eucalyptus, or citrus oils can mask certain odors completely, and making a spray of diluted essential oil blends can act as the perfect deodorizing spray.  Just keep in mind that many essential oils are toxic to cats and dogs, so you may need to keep certain ones out of your home.

Odor-Free Tip #9: Use Baking Soda on Tough Odors

Sprinkling baking soda on the toughest odors in your home can do the trick at eliminating bad smells.  This includes areas of your carpet, the inside of your fridge or the inside of your garbage can.  Baking soda absorbs bad odors so that they can be wiped away.

Odor-Free Tip #10: Use Air/Fabric Fresheners

It is never a bad idea to use air and fabric fresheners, which use natural ingredients to eliminate odors while making your home smell absolutely heavenly, and even give your space a signature aroma.  These products are designed to freshen up smells in your home, and also can mask odors brilliantly.

Follow These Tips for a Fresh-Smelling Home

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