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The Perfect Combination: Stoneworks Laundry and Dryer Sheet Kit

Posted by Andres Jimenez on
stoneworks laundry detergent


Now is the time to ditch those harsh, chemical-laden laundry products and switch to cleaner, more eco-friendly formulas that effectively clean your clothes without any of the risks associated with more mainstream products.  And, at Grab Green Home, we have exactly what you’re looking for with this Stoneworks Laundry and Dryer Sheet Kit.  This bundle supplies everything needed to run 50 loads of laundry at an excellent price, all while knowing that you’re making smarter choices for your health, your family, and the environment.

Sadly, modern commercial laundry products are filled with artificial ingredients that aren’t as beneficial as we want to believe they are.  Many artificial fragrances are made using caustic ingredients that can irritate the skin and aggravate our allergy response.  Besides that, many use harsh detergents that aren’t gentle enough for most of our fabrics, and that’s not even saying anything about their impacts on the environment.

The push for natural, eco-friendly laundry products is nothing new.  But, Stoneworks has formulated to products – Stoneworks Laundry Pods and Compostable Dryer Sheets – which are fully EPA certified, all while being remarkably effective.  And, it doesn’t hurt that you can choose from a variety of natural fragrances when selecting this bundle, including a fragrance-free option for those who are particularly sensitive to scents.

Stoneworks Laundry Pods

Included in this bundle is a 50-pack of Stoneworks Laundry Pods.  These concentrated pods are conveniently pre-measured, so you can just plop one into your detergent dispenser and know your clothes are going to come out looking like new.  These pods use natural materials to clean your clothes deep within the fibers while eliminating all kinds of odors.  They’re compatible with both standard and high-efficiency washing machines, and are even compatible with all standard temperature settings.

Stoneworks Laundry Pods are EPA Safer Choice Certified, because they’re free of the harmful ingredients found in many detergents on the market.  They’re minimally formulated, meaning that you’ll have an easy time reading through each ingredient and understanding the purpose that it serves. 

We never use artificial fragrances in our laundry products, as they can cause allergic reactions to the skin.  So, you can rest easy that the fresh scent you’re smelling comes from plant-derived scents that are cleaner for the body and better for the planet.

Stoneworks Compostable Dryer Sheets

Stoneworks Compostable Dryer Sheets are an eco-friendly choice that effectively prevent cling and leave fabrics nice and soft, not to mention wrinkle-free.  They also get their fragrances from natural ingredients that are fully plant-derived.  Included are 80 sheets total, containing zero synthetic ingredients of any kind.  And, our entire bundle is cruelty-free, meaning that no animals were harmed in any way.

These dryer sheets also happen to be compostable, because their natural fibers are fully biodegradable, and will not do any harm to soil.  So, when you’re done with each one, you can repurpose it in a way that benefits our natural ecosystem.

Clean, Fresh, and Natural: The Stoneworks Bundle at Grab Green Home is a Must-Have!

The Stoneworks Bundle at Grab Green Home gives you everything needed and more for an environmentally conscious, gentle, and clean laundry routine at home.  Heavenly scented, naturally derived, and produced to minimize environmental damage, it’s a safe choice that’s fully capable of cleaning and softening your most frequently used fabrics.  Plus, this set is made in the USA with domestic & imported components.

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