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Why Should You Only Buy Made in the USA Home Cleaning Products?

Posted by Andres Jimenez on
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It’s time to really change the way that we think about the products we use to clean our home, do our dishes and run our laundry cycles.  For ages, we’ve accepted formulas that contain known toxins and allergens, while being ultimately harmful to the environment.  Now, more people are choosing natural, eco-friendly formulas like the ones available at Grab Green Home.  Another thing that sets our products apart is that they’re all made in the United States, and as you’re about to find out, that’s more important than you may realize.

Higher Standards for Quality and Safety

One major advantage of choosing USA-made home cleaning products is that you can count on some of the highest standards for quality and safety anywhere.  Each country has its own list of banned ingredients that cannot be used in home care products, and the United States is one of the strictest in this aspect.  Products that have been shown to produce toxic effects to our health or the environment get banned more frequently here than in most parts of the world.  As a result, you know that everything in a USA-made formula is selected for its safety as well as its effectiveness.  Our country is fortunate to have the resources to maintain strict governing bodies that oversee how all cleaning products are manufactured, hence such high standards that benefit consumers as a whole.

It’s Better for the Environment

Long gone are the days when we were consumers who didn’t give a second thought to the impact of our choices on the environment.  We’re happy to see more and more individuals making changes to how they purchase products, putting our planet first and foremost.  Buying cleaning products made in the United States can make quite an impact on the health of our planet.  The less products need to travel, the fewer carbon emissions, and this comes at a time when we’re realizing more than ever just how consequential carbon emissions can really be.  There really is no excuse these days to purchase cleaning products made outside of the United States, since there are plenty of companies that make top-shelf formulas right here in America – Grab Green Home included.

Natural Ingredients are Fresher

Another benefit is that the less a product has to travel to make its way to your home, the fresher it will be.  This matters when you’re dealing with naturally derived cleaning products that contain essential oils, plant-based moisturizers and botanical cleaning agents, etc.  These ingredients can degrade if they’re not properly stored during transit, or simply if it takes an excessively long time for them to move from one country to the next.

In Most Cases, Domestically Manufactured Cleaning Products Cost Less

Most of the time, USA-made home cleaning products are more affordable as well.  This is because it costs less money for materials and ingredients to be shipped from one location to the next, and that reduction in shipping costs means that companies can sell their products at a lower price.

Bottom Line: Choose the USA-Made Cleaning Products at Grab Green Home Today!

Ultimately, there are zero disadvantages to sticking with home cleaning products that are produced here in the United States.  Grab Green Home’s amazing products are completely domestically manufactured, from the ingredients and packaging materials to the formulation process that we do in our facility.  As you can see, our products are fresh, made with high quality and safety standards, affordable, and more environmentally friendly.  Explore our full collection of home care products and enjoy these benefits.

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