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Grab Green Home’s Baby Collection Can Be the Perfect Gift at Any Baby Shower

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Let’s face it – new moms have their work cut out for them. That’s why when we think of the perfect gift to give them at a baby shower, it should be one that is going to help them out as much as possible.  Lots of people give clothes and toys at a baby shower, but there are a lot of necessities that she’s going to need that are just as important, if not more.

Grab Green Home’s Baby Collection has everything a new mom could ask for when it comes to doing the baby’s laundry, cleaning their dishes, and even taking a bath.  Our products contain gentle, baby-friendly ingredients that are non-toxic, plant-derived and, as a bonus, better for the environment.  Let’s dive into this collection and see what gift you might be looking to give at a baby shower.

Grab Green Home’s Baby Collection: The Ultimate Gift for Any New Mom

Our Baby Collection covers all of mom’s bases when it comes to caring for her baby using only the gentlest formulas.  You can choose from all kinds of necessities, knowing that no matter what you pick, mom and baby are getting the absolute best, natural, and gentle products.

Baby Laundry Detergent Pods (Newborn Baby and Baby 5+ Months)

Obviously, babies need clean clothes, especially since they’re more prone to stains and spills of various kinds.  But, a lot of laundry detergents on the market are far too harsh for a baby’s body, with artificial dyes and fragrances and other unwanted chemicals that can irritate their skin, affect their respiratory systems and more.  These Baby Laundry Detergent Pods are gentle, and free of any harsh ingredients.

Baby Dryer Sheets (Newborn and Baby 5+ Months)

Our Newborn Baby Dryer Sheets are nontoxic, environmentally friendly dryer sheets that are free of artificial fragrances, to leave a baby’s clothes soft and cozy.

Baby Dryer Sheets are formulated to soften babies' clothing, linens, and plush toys while reducing static cling.  They perfectly pair in size and fragrance to our Baby Laundry Detergent Pods and will enhance your baby’s clothing and linens with a soft, calming scent of Dreamy Rosewood.

Baby Laundry Detergent Pods + Dryer Sheets (Newborn and Baby 5+ Months)

Our Baby Laundry Bundles give moms everything she needs to clean her baby’s clothes using ingredients gentle enough for a newborn.  Included is our Baby Laundry Detergent Pods and Dryer Sheets.

Baby Wash + Lotion Gift Set

This all-natural gift set includes everything mom needs to keep her baby clean and moisturized, without any ingredients that will irritate the skin.  It’s formulated with plant-based moisturizers and cleansers that are great for dry, chapped or irritated skin, and comes in two soothing scents: Chamomile and Rosewood.

Baby Bottle & Dish Soap

Free of sulfates, our baby-friendly dish soap is made with gentle, nontoxic ingredients, and is low-foaming so that you don’t have to worry about a soapy residue after each washing session.  We developed this soap to contain only safe ingredients that aren’t too harsh for a baby’s body.   

Baby Diaper Pail Odor Removal Spray

The inside of a diaper pail is one of the most odorous, if not the most odorous place in the home of a newborn.  But, this Baby Diaper Pain Odor Removal Spray is here to come to the rescue, offering a nontoxic, environmentally friendly and plant-based formula that effectively kills odors while offering a dreamy scent made up of essential oils.

Baby Witch Hazel Wipes

Baby Wipes are an essential item for any newborn, and these use all-natural ingredients and soothing plant derivatives that can work on chapped skin, diaper rash, bug bites and more.  They instantly ease irritation while cleaning your baby’s skin as gently as possible.

Baby Lotion

A baby’s skin is very sensitive, and prone to irritation and dryness.  Because of that, the lotions we put on our bodies are far too harsh.  This Baby Lotion uses ingredients that are gentle for babies, available in both Rosewood and Chamomile, which come purely from essential oils.

Babies Deserve the Best, and These Gifts Will Make Mom’s Life Easier

All of these products in our Baby Collection are essentials for any new mom, and you can create the perfect baby shower gift basket by stocking up.  Check out each of our baby-friendly, natural formulations and decide which ones that new mom in your life will appreciate the most.

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