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Time to Finally Reduce Static Cling

Posted by Andres Jimenez on
how to reduce dryer static

Ah, static cling.  It seems that no matter how much we load our dryer up with dryer sheets, we can’t escape that annoying electricity that makes our clothes stick together.  And, forget trying to put on that pair of pants or that cotton dress when everything is clinging together, because the sensation of static against the skin, as we all know, can be absolutely unbearable.

Good news is that one of our missions at Grab Green Home has been to create the perfect dryer sheets to end static cling once and for all.  Before we get into those, let’s talk a little bit about static cling and why it occurs in the first place.

What Causes Static Cling?

Static cling is one of the more irritating byproducts of electricity, and results from friction between two dry surfaces.  The same laws of physics that make a balloon stick to your head if you rub it against your hair enough, will cause your various garments to stick together when you remove them from the dryer. 

What this means is that the only way to prevent static cling is to treat the materials causing it, or change the environment that they’re in.  You may have noticed that some materials are more prone to cling than others, based on their charge.  Polyester is particularly notorious for clinging to clothes, as well as your body on a day when the humidity is particularly low, due to its negative charge.

What are Some Tips for Reducing Static Cling?

Eliminating static cling can be done, but not with any old dryer products on the market.  As is always the case, some products are more effective than others.  First off, we do want to say that drying like materials with one another, such as one load for polyester and one for linen, is one method for avoiding static cling entirely.  But, modern inventions have given us a more efficient solution, with dryer sheets and dryer balls that release a positive charge into the dryer, essentially neutralizing the negatively charged materials that are prone to clinging to one another.

There are DIY methods out there as well.  Throwing a ball made of aluminum foil can have the same effect as a dryer sheet due to its positive charge, and you’ll get the same results by applying safety pins to a few garments of clothing.  But why bother, when there are effective products that do all of the hard work for you?

Grab Green Dryer Sheets: Finally Say Goodbye to Annoying Static Cling!

Grab Green Home is pleased to say that our collection of dryer sheets removes static cling once and for all, with a perfectly effective positive charge that prevents any cling whatsoever.  We carry three individual dryer sheet formulas, so we encourage you to check out each one below to see which is right for you. And here's a dirty, little secret that generic brands don't want you to know: conventional dryer sheets contain animal fat- gross!! Don't worry, none of our dryer sheets contain animal fat!

Wet Dryer Sheets

Our Wet Dryer Sheets both soften your fabrics and prevent static cling, both through a positive charge and through the addition of moisture to your dryer, which prevents an environment that is conducive to cling.  Best of all, because they’re wet, you can use them twice, making them a cost-effective option as well.  Compostable and sustainable, they are made with natural materials and clean ingredients, while still being fragrance-free.  No wonder these handy sheets also make perfect dusting cloths after their life in the dryer.

Classic Laundry Dryer Sheets

These Classic Laundry Dryer Sheets come in three wonderful fragrances, all made through the use of natural essential oils:

  • Vetiver: Has the scent earthy, woody, leather, balsamic and smoky notes
  • Lavender with Vanilla: A light a fresh floral scent with a bit of a warm n’ cozy notes added in.
  • Gardenia: Another floral scent, but this time with notes of green undertones that are also a bit spicy and zesty.

They don’t just prevent static cling, but they also remove wrinkles from your materials, and soften your fabrics along the way.  Perfectly pairs with our Vetiver Laundry Detergent Pods.

Stoneworks Dryer Sheets

Our luxurious Stoneworks Dryer Sheets are made with natural materials and are 100% compostable and sustainably crafted.  They will effectively remove static cling from your freshly dried clothing and linens, while leaving your materials irresistibly soft.  Stoneworks Oak Tree is a scent inspired by the bold and steadfast qualities we encounter from this stoic entity and hearkens to a life of open space, dusty sunsets, hand-made crafts and rich spices, bringing a hint of leather & lace to your linens.

Available in a nice variety of natural, essential oil-based fragrances (along with Rain – Fragrance Free option):

  • Oak Tree: That true woodsy scent.
  • Birch Branch: Adding a modern layer of sophistication to traditional pine scents.
  • Rose Petal: That wonderful floral smell of fresh roses.
  • Olive Leaf: Green n’ citrusy type of scent.

That Clingy Feeling From Your Clothes Can Now Be a Thing of the Past

Grab Green Home Dryer Sheets have what it takes to make static cling a thing of the past, all while relying on natural, sustainable materials to do so.  Not only that, but our scented sheets make your fabrics smell fresher than ever before.  Check out all the incredible dryer sheets available on the site, and finally enjoy a natural solution to that annoying static electricity.

Plus, our Grab Green Dryer Balls reduce static cling, save energy usage by up to 30%, have everlasting quality (good for 1,000+ loads), are cruelty-free, made with natural wool, and are even fragrance-free, so you can add a dryer sheet or spray with Grab Green Room & Fabric Freshener for fragrance!

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