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How to Remove Curry Stains From Your Clothing

Posted by Patricia Spencer on
How to Remove Curry Stains From Your Clothing


What makes curry so addictively delicious is its complex variety of bold spices, but it’s those spices that also stain our clothing.  If you’ve accidentally spilled some curry on your favorite shirt, the good news is that with some basic household products like our natural dish soap and eco friendly laundry pods, you have a solid chance of making that unsightly stain a thing of the past.

Saying Goodbye to Curry Stains 

With spices like paprika, cumin, turmeric, cayenne and other boldly and brightly colored ingredients, curry stains can be particularly tough to beat.  But, what if we told you that with your favorite household nontoxic cleaning products, you could get rid of that stain effectively without relying on harsh, harmful chemicals?  Just read on.

Step #1: Blot Up the Moisture

If it’s a fresh curry stain, then you’ll want to start blotting right away.  If there are some solids on the clothing, scrape them away with a dull knife first, and then grab a clean, white cloth and blot up the excess moisture as much as you can.

Step #2: Pretreat the Stain

The most important part is pretreating the stain, using all-natural cleaning products that are effective.  Fill a bucket or large bowl with cold water, and swirl in some Grab Green Liquid Dish Soap, along with a nice glug of hydrogen peroxide.  Our Liquid Dish Soap acts as a non toxic dish soap that lifts stains away from clothing fibers, while peroxide is a heavy-duty stain-fighting agent.  Soak the garment in this solution for 30 minutes to 2 hours.  Then, rinse the garment with cold water.

Step #3: Time to Wash

Now, you can wash the stain using the hottest recommended setting according to the garment’s care label.  Stick to natural laundry pods that fight stains without toxic chemicals.  For the best non toxic laundry pods, use our 3 in 1 Laundry Detergent Pods or Stoneworks Laundry Detergent Pods, which are sustainable laundry pods that have natural stain-fighting abilities. 

Check that the stain is gone before throwing into the dryer along with your favorite natural dryer sheets such as Classic Laundry Dryer Sheets or Stoneworks Dryer Sheets, or even Grab Green Dryer Balls, as any of these options do an amazing job when it comes to preventing cling and softening fabrics.

If It’s an Old Curry Stain

With curry stains, the sooner you catch them and address them, the better.  But, if you only noticed the stain after several days, don’t panic.  You can still use the method above, skipping the blotting stage since the liquid has already dried.  There’s still a good chance that this method will remove an old curry stain.  Just one thing – you may need to soak it in the soap and peroxide solution overnight, since these ingredients will need to work harder as the curry has absorbed more deeply into the fabric.

If the Clothing is Delicate

If you have a garment made of a more delicate material, that’s okay!  If it’s a dry-clean-only garment, call your dry cleaner’s and ask them if they can remove the curry stain.  Chances are that they have a special method that’s highly effective, as this is an area that they are experienced in.

If the garment must be air-dried, go ahead and air-dry it, since the drying process happens after the stain has been removed.  If it must be handwashed, skip the washing machine and wash the garment in a bucket using the same detergent, which should be just as effective.

Are Curry Stains the End of Your Favorite Garment? No!

We’re not going to lie – curry stains are tough, and there’s a chance that your garment will not recover 100%.  But, the method above gives you the best chance of removing the stain entirely, with a high rate of effectiveness.  So, rather than tossing that garment out, try the solution above, while breathing a sigh of relief since you’re using all-natural cleaning products rather than toxic chemicals.

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