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Grab Green Home’s Guide to Keeping Your Rental Home or Airbnb Looking Clean

Posted by Patricia Spencer on
Grab Green Home’s Guide to Keeping Your Rental Home or Airbnb Looking Clean


If you’ve got a rental home or Airbnb in your name, then you know that the first thing that any guest looks for is a house that’s clean.  And, with so many people coming in and out each week, it can be difficult to stay on top of cleanliness – especially if you live out of state, and then have to hope for the best with a cleaning staff that you hire from a distance.

At Grab Green Home, we can help.  Not only will our products keep your rental space looking and smelling fresh, but they’ll do so with the use of strictly non toxic cleaning products that double as eco friendly cleaning products so that you can know that you’re doing things as ethically and safely as possible.  Our products can handle every room in your house, with formulas like our All-Purpose Cleaner, our Room & Fabric Freshener and so much more, all of which do their job with plant-based ingredients that are gentle for your body as well as the environment.

Our huge selection of natural cleaning products will keep your home not only clean but sanitary, so that your guests will feel at ease as soon as they walk through your door.  If you’re still trying to develop a rental home cleaning routine, here are some tips that can help.

#1: Keep Linens Fresh at All Times

Our non toxic cleaning products work great on linens, which can make or break your home’s reputation.  Dingy linens are the first giveaway that a home may not be as clean as guests may have hoped, so you want to make sure that all linens are cleaned after each use, using the best products possible. 

Bed sheets, towels, bath mats and all other linens around the house need to be washed with like colors to keep them looking fresh.  The good news is that in most cases, just one or two loads are all that’s needed when guests leave.  Guests typically prefer white linens, since they look cleaner than those that have colors on them, and that’s where our Bleach Alternative Pods come in handy.  Rather than using harsh bleach that’s as bad for the environment as it is for our skin, these eco friendly laundry pods have whitening superpowers as well as impressive stain-lifting abilities, so with each load, your linens will come out looking like brand new.  Don’t forget to throw in some Stoneworks Dryer Sheets into your dryer cycle, as these natural dryer sheets keep those linens feeling nice and soft.

#2: Grab a Degreaser for a Thoroughly Clean Kitchen

Keeping your rental kitchen clean is no easy task, since you can’t count on guests to put nearly the amount of effort into cleaning the kitchen compared to you, the owner of the home.  If there’s one must-have product for all kitchen-cleaning needs, it’s the Kitchen Power Degreaser, which is a nontoxic cleaner that uses natural ingredients to cut through the toughest grease, and break down all of that crusty residue that sits on the surface of the stove, inside the fridge and on the counters.  It works fast, cutting down cleaning time drastically so that you can move onto other spots in your home rather than spending hours covering every corner.  No one wants to rent a home with a greasy kitchen, and so this product is an absolute must.

#3: Have a Natural On-the-Spot Stain Treatment Ready to Go

Stains happen.  People get their dirty feet on a light-colored couch, they wipe off makeup with white cloths, and they spill salsa on your antique rug.  These stains don’t have to be the end of the world, nor do you need toxic chemical cleaners to resolve them.  With many common stains, a little natural dish soap goes a long way.  Our Liquid Dish Soap can be dabbed directly onto the stain along with some water, and dabbed over and over again until the stain lifts away.  It’s a must-have, as it can be used on just about any kind of stain you’ll encounter while cleaning up after your guests.

#4: Pay Attention to Garbage Odors

Let’s face it – the smelliest part of the house is the garbage can, and it’s hard to do anything about that – or is it?  Our Garbage Disposal Freshener & Cleaner Pods act as a wholly non toxic product that stays in the garbage, eliminating odors that come out of it.  Most of us would be mortified to know that a paying guest walked into a house smelling like garbage, so this is one product you’ll want to use consistently to keep even the worst odors at bay.

#5: Clean Dishes are Critical

Your guests are likely to stay long enough to do at least one load of dishes in the dishwasher, but without the right detergent, those dishes won’t come out looking clean.  And, you don’t want to hand keys to the next guest, only to review your home to complain that there were a bunch of dirty dishes stacked in the cabinets.  Grab a powerful dishwasher detergent like our Automatic Dishwashing Detergent Powder, which can tackle grease, caked-on residue and so much more.

Keep Your Rental Home Fresh, Eco Friendly, and Safe at Grab Green Home

Grab Green supplies only the best sustainable cleaning products to cover all your bases as the owner of a rental home or AirBnB.  We have a product for every room, to ensure that your cleaning time is made easy and quick, all while ensuring that you don’t breathe in all of those nasty toxic fumes you get from many other commercial cleaning products.  Explore our selection of nontoxic cleaning products to stock up on everything you need to maintain a clean space for your guests.

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