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Happy National Pet Day!

Posted by Andres Jimenez on
happy national pet day

There’s nothing we love to celebrate as much as our pets—they make us smile every day when they wag their tails or cuddle up in our laps. Their unconditional love is like nothing else in this world. 

Our pets take care of us in so many ways: providing emotional support, getting us to exercise our bodies, and keeping us company, among others. So why not make sure that we are reciprocating and taking the best care of them that we can?

While most pet owners know to feed and water their animals every day, many of us don’t know the full extent of how we should be taking care of our pets. Did you know that being a good owner also means washing your pet’s beds, toys, and food dishes? 

When you or your pets go outside or interact with other animals, there is a possible transfer of bacteria that can follow you back into your home. And as your dog begins to play with their toys and sleep on their bed, that bacteria can stick around and make itself at home. 

Many veterinarians agree, as a result, that your pet’s accessories could be cause for concern—these harmful contaminates could make either you or your pet sick. So, since we all love to snuggle with our furry buddies, a good way to keep everyone healthy is to wash your pet’s toys, dishes, and bed at least once a month. 

We can help you bid adieu to that bacteria with our fragrance-free laundry pods and dishwashing detergent. Our products will help you say goodbye to those pesky germs, as well as keep your pets safe from any unnecessary scents. We recommend using our fragrance-free products with any plastic accessories (toys or food bowls) especially, as the plastic will absorb anything fragrant and can impact your pet.

Though this may be news for both novice and veteran pet owners, Grab Green is here to help. We love to see those wagging tails and wet noses and want to keep our animals happy and healthy. If you love your pets as much as we love ours, then you’ll also recognize the importance of keeping them clean and safe.

From our happy fur babies to yours, Happy National Pet Day!

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