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Can Natural Cleaning Products Be Environmentally Friendly?

Posted by Andres Jimenez on
eco-friendly cleaning products

We should all play an active role in protecting the environment. In our daily routine, there are certain environmentally friendly actions we can take on a regular basis. There are also different products available which are harmless to the environment. Grab Green has introduced different cleaning products for all your household needs. They specialize in laundry detergents for all kinds of fabric and clothing, bleach alternatives, linen sprays, dishwasher detergents, glass cleaners, all purpose cleaners, degreaser cleaner, more!

These environmentally friendly cleaning products are made from natural and completely organic ingredients. The naturally driven ingredients include soda ash, which is a natural mineral water softener, sodium metasilicate which is helpful in cleaning and softening, silica which is an anti-caking agent, and a coconut oil based emulsifier known as amphoteric surfactant. 

Their environmentally friendly detergents are packed in a recyclable pouch which also reduces waste. The pouches have less plastic in them than the regular plastic containers. These heavy liquid containers use more energy during their transportation. These pouches by Grab Green, however, also conserve energy.  

The detergent products are septic safe and the pods are easy to use. All you need to do is to put a pod in your laundry and turn the washing machine on. It is a very convenient method without creating a mess and no cleaning is needed afterwards. The environmentally friendly pods quickly dissolve in cold water. The pod should be added to 50 degrees of water and the detergent itself is released within 10 seconds.   

Using these environmentally friendly products also help to reduce a considerable amount of waste. It is easier to recycle pouches than big detergent jugs. Their products are packaged in such a way that it is 98% less in weight than ordinary detergent containers. The environmentally friendly products take up less storage space and are relatively smaller in size. 

Grab Green offers trouble-free home delivery of their environmentally friendly products right at your doorstep. They also have Convenience Delivery service if you wish to ship products to your address automatically.      

The environmentally friendly products have a biodegradable formula and are made of non toxic natural elements. They are also hypoallergenic and fragrance free, ideal for people with sensitive skin. Those who suffer from Asthma can also use these products. Grab Green also has scented products containing essential oils for instance tangerine with lemongrass , thyme with fig leaves, immortelle and jasmine, lavender vanilla and vetiver. The rose and blossoms clothing and linen spray is ideal to use when you want to give your clothes a refreshed look. It is an invigorating mix of flower blossoms, grapefruit and is boosted with fresh rose petals. Totally pleasant and environmentally friendly! Feel free to use it on your linens to give them a floral scent. All you need to do is to spray directly on your clothing and linens. Grab Green has made life so easy with their environmentally friendly products.      

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