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5 Reasons Why Small Restaurants Should Use Grab Green Kitchen Solutions in Their Kitchens

Posted by Patricia Spencer on
5 Reasons Why Small Restaurants Should Use Grab Green Kitchen Solutions in Their Kitchens


At Grab Green Home, our philosophy revolves around the idea that you can keep spaces perfectly clean and sanitary with the use of non toxic cleaning products that are gentle on the body, while also being eco friendly cleaning products that are gentle on the environment.  Our products cover all bases – from All-Purpose Cleaner to Cookware & Bakeware Cleaner Pods, and everything in between, all relying on plant-based ingredients that are as sustainable as they are safe.

Our all natural cleaning products aren’t just great for the home.  They are just as useful for small restaurants who prioritize the safety and environmental friendliness of the products used to clean the kitchen, like Kitchen Power Degreaser, Liquid Dish Soap, and more.  If you own a small restaurant, you’ll want to read on as we look deeper into the Grab Green Home difference.

#1: Avoid Breathing in Toxic Fumes

Let’s be real – most commercial kitchen cleaners and related products are loaded up with toxic ingredients and harsh chemicals that aren’t doing us any favors.  Many ingredients found in common commercial products are loaded with endocrine disruptors, respiratory irritants and more.  Breathing in these heavy chemicals can make us feel dizzy, irritated and generally unwell – clearly, a sign that we shouldn’t be breathing them in that much at all.

At Grab Green Home, we go above and beyond to produce plant-based products that are known to be gentle in every way possible, yet effective enough to get the job done.  Our belief is that nature has provided us with everything that we need to maintain a clean and sanitary kitchen, whether it be cutting through grease, deodorizing, leaving dishes sparkling clean or removing tough, crusty residue from pots and pans.  Try our non toxic cleaning products and know that you’re not exposing your body to any questionable ingredients that may leave you paying the price later on.

#2: Do Your Part in Protecting the Environment

Sustainable cleaning products are where it’s at.  Given what we know about the critical state of the environment, there’s no excuse for using chemicals that have been proven to pollute our fresh water sources, harming eco-life, and disrupting soil biodiversity over years of toxic exposure.  At Grab Green Home, our eco friendly cleaning products aim to change the standards of the cleaning industry as a whole, with sustainable, responsibly sourced ingredients that do as minimal damage as possible to our ecosystem. 

Restaurants go through a lot of cleaning products each week to keep operations running smoothly – even small restaurants.  What this means is that as a restaurant owner, it’s all the more important to do your part in maintaining an environmentally conscious cleaning regimen.  If every restaurant owner held the same values, the industry as a whole could make a serious dent in preserving the planet.  From our eco friendly dish soap to our sustainable detergent pods, we’ve got all of your kitchen-cleaning needs covered.

#3: Great for Those with Sensitive Skin

A lot of employees who work in restaurants have sensitive skin, and even may have a hard time when dealing with constant exposure to dish soaps, surface cleaners and other products that they have to come into contact with several times a day.  By opting for the products at Grab Green Home, you’ll be able to know that you’re doing your part to prioritize their needs, and they’ll be very grateful.  Many commercial cleaning products are loaded with harsh synthetic fragrances, chemically abrasive solvents and more, all of which can cause or exacerbate skin problems when utilized on a daily basis.  Our products are renowned for their gentleness, through the use of plant derivatives.

#4: Keep That Kitchen Smelling Fresh

Did we mention that our products smell great?  Our formulas are designed not only to clean, but deodorize with plant-based odor neutralizers and natural aromas that make everything smell fresh.  Garbage Disposal Freshener & Cleaner Pods are extremely popular with our restaurant clients, being a non toxic product that couldn’t be easier to use, and ensures that the smell of the garbage never becomes unpleasant – quite a feat in a busy restaurant kitchen.  Every product we use is fragranced naturally, with essential oils, botanicals and herbs that are sourced sustainably.

#5: Generous Wholesale Terms

Not only do we offer the best non toxic cleaners for restaurants like yours, but we do so through wholesale so that small business owners can load up on our products while saving a good amount of money per unit.  Our Wholesale Program is accessible to any restaurant looking to switch to eco friendly, non toxic cleaning products for use in their kitchen.  Just sign up through our website and read through our generous terms to get started.

Make a Difference with Grab Green Home

Finally, you’ll be able to grab the absolute best sustainable cleaning products through our generous wholesale program in order to convert your kitchen operations into a wholly eco-friendly practice, all while knowing that you’re not exposing your employees to a variety of toxins and irritants each time they take the time to clean and maintain your kitchen.  These products aren’t just nontoxic and eco-friendly, but they’re just as effective, keeping every dish, surface, floor and even your garbage completely clean, sanitary and smelling as fresh as can be.  Get the Grab Green difference today.

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