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Why Choose Biodegradable Cleaning Products?

Posted by Andres Jimenez on
biodegradable cleaning products


When was the last time you took an inventory of all of the cleaning products you use around your home?  Not only that, but considered the impact that each one has on the environment?  At Grab Green Home, we set out to create an extensive line of fully biodegradable cleaning products to help people do their part in making our planet a cleaner and more sustainable place.  But, there are still a good number of people who don’t fully understand what “biodegradable” actually means, and why it matters so much, especially in the long term.

What Does “Biodegradable” Actually Mean?

The term “biodegradable” means that a product can be broken down naturally by microorganisms in our planet’s ecosystem.  Biodegradable cleaning products are made exclusively with ingredients that bacteria and fungi can completely degrade.  This is different from the majority of cleaning products on the market that contain chemicals that remain in our soil for years, and even come in packaging that clogs our landfills.

What are the Benefits of Using Biodegradable Cleaning Products?

It’s easy to underestimate just how much switching over to fully biodegradable cleaning products can positively impact our environment.  But, we use cleaning products every day, and their effects on the planet really do accumulate.  Think of how many times you spray down your counter, wash your dishes with liquid soap, and also run your laundry.  The amount of chemicals that we use have cumulative effects on our surroundings, and so it’s time for us to make more responsible choices when it comes to the products that we buy. 

Benefit #1: Minimizes Our Negative Impact on the Environment

The bottom line is that to live in the 21st Century means that it’s impossible not to engage in habits and activities that are ultimately harmful to our environment.  After all, we all use cars to get around, and we all live in homes that use up a lot of energy.  But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t make choices in our daily lives that ultimately benefit the environment.

Biodegradable products, as well as the packaging that they come in, have a hugely positive impact on the world around us.  Because these items break down naturally, as a part of the world’s ecosystem, they don’t require an external energy source to degrade.  And, their packages don’t end up in landfills, contributing to the clutter of plastics and other materials that are ultimately harming wildlife. 

Benefit #2: Usually Better for Us

An indirect benefit of biodegradable products is that they tend to be better for us to use in the long run, in terms of our health.  For a product to be biodegradable, it must be made with natural ingredients that feed the planet’s microorganisms.  And, we know that overall, avoiding harsh synthetic chemicals puts us at a lower risk of absorbing harmful compounds into our bodies, including many known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and ingredients that are linked to kidney, liver and neurological damage.

Benefit #3: It’s More Friendly to Other Species

Biodegradable products are the clear choice if you care about other species with whom we share our environment.  The strong, synthetic chemicals in many cleaning products can be toxic to many species that come into contact with them, and not only that, but their packaging can end up in our planet’s water resources, which has proven to be disastrous to marine animals.

Benefit #4: Better for Our Soil

Yes, biodegradable products are better for our soil, and what’s better for our soil is better for our food supply.  The toxic chemicals in cleaning products take years to break down, like we said, and leech into the soil that we use to sustain agriculture, introducing harmful compounds into the vegetables, fruits and herbs that we consume, and even making their way into livestock.

Choose Biodegradable Cleaning Products for a Better Environment

Biodegradable cleaning products alone can’t reverse the negative effects we’ve caused to the environment, but they can make a big difference, and make us feel like we’re doing our part for a better future of this planet.  So, explore the biodegradable products at Grab Green Home, and know that you’re supporting a more sustainable environment.

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