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What We Do To Be Eco-Friendly

Posted by Andres Jimenez on
use eco-friendly laundry detergents

Be responsible by using eco-friendly products for laundry!

Grab Green takes every opportunity to reduce waste, all our laundry detergent products are made of powder which means we don’t add water to our cleaning formula unlike liquid detergents which add up to 2/3 water. And since they have formulated a highly concentrated powder, there’s less weight and volume, which equates to less energy waste in transporting. As an example, to transport 1 truck of 670,000 loads of powder detergent, it would take 2 and ½ trucks to transport the same amount of liquid detergent. Being an eco-friendly product also provides benefits to consumers in terms of fewer amounts that they have to use for washing clothes, lesser spilling and mess and lesser storage space required.

At Grab Green, special attention has been given to simplifying the usage, minimizing waste and selecting the most natural and effective ingredients possible. Their products are made of naturally derived ingredients and are organic and mineral based sources. They are purely non-toxic and free of phosphates, fillers, chlorine, dyes and NPE which protects you from the risk of getting an allergy or a skin reaction from its usage. These laundry detergents are made from plant and mineral ingredients and have never been tested on animals or contain animal additives. Their eco-profile extends beyond our solutions to our packaging. Grab Green makes sure that their products are as eco-friendly as possible by using post consumer resins, recyclable and biodegradable materials. 

Grab Green offers their eco-friendly products in the form of detergent pods which have a biodegradable outer film that dissolves in water as soon as it is dropped in it. Compared to liquid detergent and other powered laundry detergent packaging, Grab Green uses 98% less packaging in terms of weight and impact on the environment.  These eco-friendly products as require less packaging means that they have a lower impact on landfill and waste disposal resources. These detergents do not contain any animal by products and are kosher. These eco-friendly products also care for consumer convenience and offer home delivery of laundry detergents in the exact quantities needed by the consumers. 

Grab Green aspires to make these eco-friendly products an important part of every household to encourage a healthy living by solving fabric cleaning problems in the most environmentally responsible and careful way. It wants to inculcate the same values within its customers – that you can also make a difference in conserving the environment if not by making, but at least using eco-friendly products.

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