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What Are The Benefits Of Witch Hazel?

Posted by Andres Jimenez on
what are the benefits of witch hazel
Whether or not you follow any beauty trends, you’ve probably heard of witch hazel. It’s commonly known for easing inflammation and soothing sensitive skin, and here at Grab Green it’s one of our favorite ingredients in our baby products.

Witch hazel, a type of shrub found in North America, has a long history in folk medicine. The plant’s leaves and bark can be made into teas and ointments, and act as a natural treatment that can be used topically or ingested orally.

While witch hazel can be found in many makeup removers or adult beauty products, we’ve discovered that witch hazel is a wonderful treatment for babies. Grab Green is the only company that offers witch hazel products for babies, and since we know how sensitive their skin can be, we’ve made our products extra gentle for your little one’s delicate body.

Unlike other companies that use witch hazel, Grab Green eliminates all dyes or alcohol that would irritate anyone’s skin—no burning sensation from our witch hazel wipes. And that’s better for you and your baby.

Our witch hazel wipes also have all kinds of other incredible ingredients. We’ve intentionally thrown in aloe and cucumber to condition and moisturize skin, and oats act as an antioxidant to reduce the risk of rash or disease. Our wipes are specifically formulated to soothe diaper rash, sunburn, chapped face, chicken pox, bug bites, and more.

Let’s dig deeper into the various uses and benefits of witch hazel and why we love it so much.

One of the most widely known benefits of witch hazel is that it relieves inflammation. While inflammation is a body’s natural immune response designed to protect itself against injury and infection, chronic inflammation has actually been shown to lead to the development of certain diseases. Witch hazel contains compounds like gallic acid and tannins that have strong anti-inflammatory properties.

For inflammatory-related issues like eczema, psoriasis, or acne, witch hazel can be extremely beneficial in reducing inflammation and soothing any irritated skin. Our super gentle wipes are meant specifically to be applied to these issue areas for ultimate relief.

Witch hazel is also extremely beneficial for reducing any other skin irritation or redness. For anyone with erythema, a reddening of the skin caused by injury or irritation, witch hazel has been recommended to provide relief and bring down the irritation. Use our witch hazel wipes on any red spots to quell rashes and remove any redness.

Additionally, witch hazel has also been found to help treat scalp sensitivity specifically. For anyone with sensitive heads—babies and adults alike—witch hazel can help to stop itching and tenderness. It can also be effective in relieving dandruff and dryness and helping retain moisture in your scalp.

Given that babies tend to naturally have sensitive and dry scalps, our witch hazel wipes are designed to be easily applied and quickly reduce any irritation.

What’s not to love about witch hazel? We’ll keep going, in case you weren’t sold yet.

The next time you spend a little too much time in the sun and need to soothe a sunburn, try witch hazel. You can gently apply the treatment to a sunburn (or razor burn or other minor burns) by pressing onto the burn, not rubbing.

Our witch hazel is combined with aloe, as well, which makes our wipes extra soothing for any sort of burn.

Not only is witch hazel beneficial for soothing existing inflammation, but its antioxidant properties can also help protect skin from any damage. The tannins from witch hazel can help prevent inflammation-causing substances from entering skin cells, and witch hazel has also been shown to prevent the spread of skin cancer cells.

Given that our wipes have both witch hazel AND oats, both of which have powerful antioxidant properties, they are extremely protective against skin damage.

Though there are many products out there today that use witch hazel, none are quite like ours. Formulated to soothe, and not burn, they are intended for the most sensitive and delicate of skin. Our wipes travel perfectly in any makeup or diaper bag and have a seemingly never-ending amount of uses.

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