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What Are The Benefits Of Laundry Pods & How Do You Use Them?

Posted by Andres Jimenez on
benefits of laundry pods

A Couple of Cool Benefits and a Handful of Tips on How to Use a Laundry Pod.

Laundry pods, especially powder pods are highly concentrated, since there’s no water dilution like there is with liquid laundry detergent. So, one little pod packs a whole lot of cleaning power.  Did you know there can be up to 75% water in a jug of laundry detergent?  Also, powder pods, are safer than a liquid pod, simply because powder is very challenging to try to chew and swallow whereas a liquid pod can be swallowed easier. The safest route is to keep laundry detergent and all cleaning products away from children and elderly people, not familiar with using pods.  

 1 | Choose the right brand

The first step, and maybe the most important, is choosing a brand that’s reliable. This means the pod must provide an effective, safe and thorough clean. Grab Green has a new and improved formula that allows the pod to dissolve in all types of water – cold, warm, soft and hard! They’re also comprised of a 3-in-1 formula that is a superior detergent, remarkable stain remover, and beautiful brightener! All while being eco-responsible, and made of naturally-derived, plant and mineral based ingredients. That’s a solution we can all get behind.

 2 | Place pod in the wash

Next, place the pod directly into the washer drum before putting your clothes in the wash. You can also put it in the detergent dispenser on the powder side, but don’t throw the pod directly into the wash mixed with the whole load. This runs the risk of the pods getting lost in a pair of jeans or stuck in a sock and not dissolving properly.

3 | Use the correct amount

Always make sure you are using the correct amount. If you’re using Grab Green, one pod can tackle a small to medium size load and two pods can conquer a large load. Laundry just got easier.

4 | Don’t over-stuff

It’s tempting to turn two loads into one by jamming it all in there, but over-stuffing spreads your washing machine thin. Get the most out of your pod (and go easy on your washing machine!) by not stuffing too many clothes in a load.

5 | Choose the right setting

Then, choose the right setting for your clothing (hot, cold, delicate, heavy duty, etc.) Pods can dissolve in both warm and cold water, but if your cold water setting is too cold, you may need to choose a different setting. Sometimes, pods have a difficult time dissolving under extremely cold water.

6 | Start your machine

Lastly, start your machines! Enjoy a clean and thorough wash.

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