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Tips For Really Cleaning Your Dishes in Your Dishwasher

Posted by Andres Jimenez on
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When’s the last time your dishes sparkled after unloading them from the dishwasher?  We'll give you a moment to think on that.  You see, a dishwasher was meant to save us time and effort.  Plus, make our dishes cleaner than we could possibly achieve through hand -- dishwashers act almost like a disinfectant, due to the high heat and multiple rinse cycles.  Yet, a lot of us find ourselves disappointed with the results and cleaning them by hand after the cycle has completed.

The Importance of Having a Spick-and-Span Dishwasher Cannot Be Overstated

A lot of people who own dishwashers don’t realize that there are some simple steps to help your dishwasher do its job more effectively.  So, these amazing tips below will ensure that your dishes look better than ever before after going through a standard dishwashing cycle.

Tip #1: Preparing Your Dishes Before Loading Them

First off, you need to do just a little prep work before loading your dishes.  Even the highest-quality dishwasher can’t manually scrub away all food residue.  We recommend taking a mildly abrasive sponge and using it to break up any food that’s stuck to a plate before loading it into the dishwasher.  You don’t even need to use any water in order to break up this residue enough for it to easily wash away once the dishwasher is running. 

Tip #2: Cheaper Cleaners are Not Better

A lot of people think that all dishwasher detergents, powders, and pods are the same, and go for the cheapest option.  But, you really don’t want to skimp in this department.  The cheaper the cleaner, the less effective it will be at cleaning your dishes properly. 

If you want your dishes to be cleaner than ever, you’re going to need to invest in the right dishwasher cleaning solution.  The cleaners at Grab Green Home are all formulated using clean, green ingredients, but that doesn’t mean that they compromise their ability to give your dishes the full cleaning that they need.  They’re infused with ingredients that break down residue, strip away grease and leave each dish shiny rather than streaky.  Best of all, we offer a variety of detergents for different types of dishes, so that no matter what it is that you’re washing, it will come out looking brand new.

Tip #3: How You Load Your Dishwasher Makes All the Difference

Perhaps the biggest mistake when owning a dishwasher is not loading your dishes properly.  If the water and detergent are unable to thoroughly make contact with each dish, how are your dishes going to get cleaned at all?  For one thing, overloading your dishwasher is going to make each rack so crowded that there’s not enough surface area for the dishwasher to do its job.  Besides that, you want bowls, cups, and Tupperware turned upside down, and plates evenly stacked with space in between them so that the water and detergent can really cover each one.

Tip #4: Know Your Different Dishwasher Settings

Dishwashers come with different modes and settings for different types of cycles, and it’s good to familiarize yourself with each one.  Many have a heavy-duty option for when your dishwasher is more full than usual, and besides that, there are often temperature settings, sanitize settings, duration settings, and more.  The problem could very well be that you’re just using the wrong settings, underestimating just how much one dishwasher load’s needs can differ from the next.

Follow These Tips for Sparkling Dishes

Some of those dishes might have been in your family for decades, or perhaps were very expensive to buy originally.  Regardless, washing your dishes in a dishwasher shouldn’t leave you having to do more work once you take them out.  By sticking to these simple tips, your dishwasher will do all of the hard work for you, so you can sit back, relax and look forward to sparkling-clean dishes.

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