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Tips for Getting Rid of Cigarette or Cigar Smoke Smells That Can Linger on Clothing

Posted by Patricia Spencer on
Tips for Getting Rid of Cigarette or Cigar Smoke Smells That Can Linger on Clothing


Let’s face it – the smell of cigarette or cigar smoke isn’t the most pleasant in the world, especially to non-smokers.  Those who do smoke can become immune to these odors after years of getting used to, and therefore desensitized to them.  But, the bottom line is, smoke odors can linger for ages, and also can be quite a turnoff if they’re emanating from the clothes that you wear daily.

Getting rid of the smell of cigarette or cigar smoke can be done, however.  And, if you are a smoker, we recommend following these odor removal tips regularly to keep your clothes smelling completely fresh.

What are the Best Methods for Ridding Your Clothes of Smoke Odors?

There are actually several very effective methods to removing cigarette and cigar smoke odors from your clothing, which use simple, eco-friendly cleaning products that you probably already have at home.  We always recommend sticking to all natural home products whenever possible, as they’re gentler on the body as well as your clothing items.

The Don’ts

Before we offer our favorite tips for getting rid of such odors, let’s talk about the things you should not do first.

  • Don’t: Simply neutralize the odor with a strong-smelling perfume or cologne. These fragrances do little to mask the strong smell of cigarettes or cigars, and the amount of fragrance you would need to cover the smell could be offensively strong.
  • Don’t: Go with cheap, low-quality cleaning products. There are plenty of non-toxic cleaning products that are affordable, more effective and better for the body.
  • Don’t: Assume that even though you’re a smoker, your clothes don’t smell. Like we said, it’s easy to get desensitized to the odor of smoke, even if others can smell it from a mile away.

The Do’s

So, what can you do to eliminate smoke odors with natural, sustainable cleaning products?  Here’s what we recommend.

DO: A Load of Laundry

Yes, your washing machine can do all of the hard work for you – that is, if you have time to run a load before getting dressed.  We strongly recommend natural laundry pods which can fight odors and stains without being too harsh for your skin.  Grab Green 3 in 1 Laundry Detergent Pods are eco friendly laundry pods that have all-natural deodorizing properties.  Always use sustainable laundry pods if possible.

DO: Use Some Chemical-Free Dryer Sheets

If using a washing machine is out of the question, consider some non-toxic dryer sheets instead.  Grab a large resealable bag and throw the garment into the bag along with a dryer sheet, and seal it up.  Leave it there for a couple of hours, and chances are that the eco-friendly dryer sheets will have absorbed the odor.

DO: Use an Odor Eliminating Spray

Today, you can find advanced, all-natural formulas that are sprayed directly onto clothes, removing the odor rather than competing with it by introducing heavy fragrances into your garments.  We love  Smoke Blaster Odor Eliminator Spray as well as Cannabis Confidential Natural Odor Eliminator Spray for those people who enjoy a different kind of smoking hobby.

Smoke Smells Can Be Nasty, But These Methods Will Leave You and Your Clothes Smelling Fresh

With some natural laundry products and other non-toxic cleaning supplies you have lying around at home, you can get cigarette and cigar smells out of your clothes for good.  The key is washing your smoky garments after each wear to take care of odors before you wear those clothing items out again.  And, it’s good to always have a natural deodorizing spray on hand just for emergencies.

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