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Powder vs. Pods for Cleaning Dishes

Posted by Andres Jimenez on
powder or pod dish detergent

The world of dishwasher detergent has evolved, and now, we have more choices when it comes to which products we use to clean our dishes than ever before.  While liquid detergents remain somewhat popular, most of us either go with powdered detergent or pods these days.  And, you might be surprised to learn that there are quite a few differences between these two.

Cleaning Dishes with Powder

Powder detergents usually come in a resealable pouch, with a scooper inside so that you can easily transfer the powder to the detergent dispenser.  Powder detergents contain surfactants, which bond to grease and thus lift it away from your dishes, as well as chelants that remove stains, film and residue.   

Powder detergents tend to be very affordable, and you can control the amount of powder you add to your dispenser based on the size of your dishwasher load.  Overall, powder does an efficient job cleaning your dishes.

About to handle roughly 80 loads, Grab Green Dishwasher Detergent Powder easily cut through grease & grime without harsh chemicals.  A convenient scoop inside ensures properly measured detergent for every load—saving you time and money.  Plus, its clean rinse-formula means film-free and spot-free dishes every time.


  • Relatively affordable.
  • Can control the amount of powder that goes into the dispenser, which is especially important for people with hard water
  • Great job at cleaning dishes.
  • More Than 94% Naturally-Derived.


  • Can be messy.
  • You have to measure.

Cleaning Dishes with Pods

Then, we have dishwasher pods, which are a newer addition to the market.  These pods come in two forms:

  • One is a dehydrated block or disc that is made up of powdered detergent that’s pressed.
  • Then, there are pods that come in pouches, which contain both liquid and powder.

When the heat of the dishwasher builds, the pod starts to break up and get dispersed throughout the dishwasher to make contact with your dishes.

Regardless of which type of pod it is, one big advantage is that the detergent itself is concentrated.  This means that you’re essentially fitting more cleaning powder into that dispenser, for cleaner dishes.  Also, you’re not going to have to worry about spilling powder everywhere, or measuring an exact amount for your load, since all that you need to do is grab a pod, stick it into the dispenser, and just close the compartment door.

However, pods do tend to cost a little more, and there might be for some people, another minor drawback.  If you’re only washing a small load of dishes, most of that pod won’t be used, and a good amount of it may not dissolve, leaving behind a mess in your dispenser.  In that case, powder is the more reasonable choice since you can simply use less powder for a smaller dishwasher load.

GG Automatic Dishwashing Detergent Pods easily cut through grease & grime without harsh chemicals.  The clean rinse-formula means film-free and spot-free dishes every time.  Plus, these powerful powder pods outperformed the leading conventional Cascade Pacs® Cascade Complete® AND Cascade Platinum®* all with the power of plant & mineral-based ingredients.


  • Non-messy.
  • Contains the perfect amount of detergent for one full load.
  • Tends to clean better because it’s concentrated.
  • 3rd Party Tested.


  • Can be too much for a small load.
  • More expensive.

Which One is Right for Your Dishwashing Needs?

While pods generally have more advantages, it’s clear that there’s a time and a place for powder as well.  In fact, there’s good reason to have both on hand for different dishwashing needs.  At Grab Green Home, you can ‘grab’ both dishwashing pods and dishwashing powder to always have the perfect detergent ready to go.  Either option once again, easily cuts through grease & grime without harsh chemicals, plus these are rinse-formulas so you will truly get those film-free and spot-free dishes that are ready for tomorrow’s meals.

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