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Myths and Truths About Reusable Bottles

Posted by Patricia Spencer on
Everything you need to know about reusable plastic bottles. Grab Green - Photo by Bluewater sweden

Plastic bottles are nothing new – most of us have grown up using them.  But, as more and more of us become environmentally conscious, we’re starting to recognize that plastic bottles aren’t so great for the ecosystem, not to mention the fact that many cheaper plastics can be harmful to our health. 

One of the more modern solutions to this problem is reusable plastic bottles – in other words, a sturdier type of plastic bottle with a removable lid, which can be used repeatedly, and washed each day.  But, is this actually a better solution, or is it ultimately contributing to the same problems we’re trying to avoid in the 21st Century?  Let’s find out.

Statistics About Plastic Water Bottles

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has released alarming data about our reliance on disposable plastic water bottles and their impact on the environment.  In 2018, they recorded 14.5 million tons of plastic water bottles taking up precious space on the planet.  As we know, plastic water bottles are not efficient at breaking down, instead clogging landfills and making their way into water sources, at the expense of marine and freshwater life.

Are Reusable Plastic Bottles Bad?

Now, let’s turn our attention to reusable plastic bottles, which are becoming more and more common in the wake of these alarming statistics.  While many environmentally conscious families have begun using them in lieu of disposable bottles, others are concerned that they may not be as eco-friendly or safe as we’d like them to be.  So, let’s go over the most common myths about these bottles.

Myth #1: Reusable Plastic Bottles are Unsanitary

The biggest concern about reusing bottles is whether or not it’s sanitary.  Yes, it’s true that colonies of bacteria can accumulate due to the constant exposure to our hands and mouth.  But, at the same time, you can sanitize bottles just like you sanitize the rest of your dishes.  We do recommend washing your reusable water bottles daily, and refrigerating them if they contain liquids that are prone to going bad, like fresh juices.

Myth #2: Reusable Plastic Bottles are Bad for the Environment

Reusable plastic bottles exist to take the place of the countless disposable ones we use to drink water and other beverages throughout the day.  A single family can go through hundreds of disposable bottles in one month, or they can reuse the same bottles daily.  Obviously, one is going to be much more environmentally friendly than the other.  And, keep in mind that it’s also the kind of plastic used to make the bottle, as some are more, well… eco-friendly than others.  Plus, while plastic does use resources that are precious to our ecosystem, a single bottle uses far, far less than hundreds of individual ones.

Myth #3: Reusable Plastic Bottles are Toxic

Naturally, people are concerned about the kind of plastic being used, as some cheaper plastics, like BPA plastics, leech toxins into the beverage that we’re drinking.  But, many reusable plastic bottles use cleaner, nontoxic plastics that are of no concern to our health.

How to Make Your Reusable Plastic Bottles Last

The key to keeping your bottles both sanitary and long-lasting is to wash them properly.  And, that relies on using the best cleaning products possible.  Many of these bottles are not actually dishwasher safe, so you’ll need to handwash them thoroughly.  Otherwise, of course, if you do have a dishwasher-friendly reusable bottle, you can wash it with the rest of your dishes.

Take your bottle apart and wash each piece separately.  If handwashing, you’ll need to pay extra attention to the process, because like we said, germs can build up easily and hide in those nooks and crannies.  Use a bottle scrubber and really get into every corner, even if it looks clean.  Pay extra attention to the spout, area under the lid, and ridges where the lid screws on, as these can get pretty nasty over time.

Also, it’s very important to make sure that you let your bottle components thoroughly dry before putting the bottle back together.  Otherwise, you may be trapping in moisture from the washing process, and this can lead to the development of germs that you don’t want mixing in with the beverages you’re going to be drinking.  Check to make sure the bottle is totally dry before putting the lid back on, and preferably, store it without the lid on when not in use.

The Dishwashing Products at Grab Green Home

It’s not just about keeping your bottles clean, but the products that you’re using to do the job.  And, as you may know already, not all dishwashing solutions are ideal for your family, let alone the environment.  If you’re going to go through the effort of using a reusable bottle as part of maintaining a more eco-friendly lifestyle, then it’s worth it to invest in an environmentally friendly soap to wash that bottle with as well.

At Grab Green Home, we offer a wide selection of dishwashing products, both for handwashing and machine-washing, to ensure that you’re only cleaning your reusable bottles with the safest and most biodegradable formulas possible.  Grab Green uses only EPA-approved ingredients, and our various soaps and detergents are completely free of known toxins and allergens, relying on natural, plant-based derivatives that clean and sanitize effectively without the unwanted consequences to our health and planet.

Are Reusable Plastic Bottles Actually That Bad? The Answer is No!

At the end of the day, reusable plastic bottles aren’t perfect – they are made from plastic after all, and plastic does take resources to create.  But, they’re far, far better than relying on disposable bottles for all of our daily drinking needs.  So, it’s safe to say that they’re a worthy investment, which can make you feel good knowing that you’re contributing to a better planet overall.

Again Grab Green Home has solutions to help you keep your reusable bottles clean, with eco-friendly and nontoxic formulas that will get rid of any germ buildup and help your bottles last for a long, long time.

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