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How to Wash White Clothes

Posted by Andres Jimenez on
how to wash white clothes


Our white clothing requires special care when washing, to remove stains and discoloration that show up more on white materials, and also to prevent the bleeding of dyes in colored garments from discoloring them.  If you’ve ever tried throwing your whites into a laundry load of colored items, then you know all too well that these garments actually need to be separated to prevent getting ruined.

How to Wash Your Whites the Right Way

Fortunately, washing whites is simple, and we’ll help you figure out exactly what to do the next time you’re ready to brighten up those white t-shirts, socks and sweaters.  However, before doing so, make sure your washing machine is clean, as this should be done every once in a while to ensure it doesn’t make your clothes dirtier.

  1. Make a separate pile of just your whites. It’s a common misconception that whites can be washed with pastels, but the bottom line is that even lightly dyed materials can bleed into your whites and discolor them.  So, your pile of whites should contain nothing but, well, whites.
  2. Now, separate your whites into smaller piles according to the material’s unique washing needs. For instance, you don’t want to wash your delicate white lingerie with a pair of white jeans, since the abrasiveness of denim can wear out thinner, more fragile materials.  Look at the care labels on your garments for more guidance.  For example, some whites may require a cold water cycle, which will be indicated on the care label, to keep the material from wearing.
  3. If you have any whites that are particularly dirty, such as a white t-shirt covered in mud, you’ll want to put them aside into a separate pile to prevent the stains from getting onto other fabrics.
  4. Now, you can wash each pile you’ve made according to its care instructions and unique needs. After that, you can throw your loads into the dryer as you normally do.
  5. If you’re looking to make your whites look brighter, or are trying to remove stains or discoloration, you can use Grab Green Bleach Alternative Pods which contain natural whitening agents without toxic chlorine. These pods are easy to use, since you simply use a full pod per load, and the pod dissolves to fully permeate all of your white fabrics. 
  • If you have a washing machine with a detergent dispenser, just place the pod in the dispenser.
  • If you do not have a dispenser, place the pod into the washing machine first, followed by your load of laundry.
  1. Also, as a sidenote, if you have heavily stained whites, or white clothing that turns yellow over time, due to a combination of dirt, sweat, and chemicals from deodorant, you will probably want to treat the strains before laundering them. Each type of stain has its own specific stain removal method – for instance, blood requires cold water, while grease stains need hot water – so look up how to treat the specific stain first.  Why?  Well, because for difficult stains, a simple washing machine cycle usually won’t be enough to remove the stain fully.

Treat Your Whites the Right Way to Keep Them Bright and Clean

There’s nothing like a fresh n’ clean white shirt of some sort or a pair of white Caribbean-styled slacks to make you stand out more.  Whites generally can’t be washed with colored fabrics, and many of us have discovered this the hard way.  What’s important is that you wash your whites according to their care labels, in separate loads to keep them in good condition for a long time to come.

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