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How to Remove Grease Stains from Clothes

Posted by Patricia Spencer on
how to remove grease stains from clothes

Are you trying to figure out how to get rid of those nasty grease stains? Don't despair if they're on cotton, there is a way to do it! Although the quicker you act, the better your chances of success, it's not impossible to get rid of a stain even if it has already settled. So, get to work and don't worry about those greasy marks.

Why Does Grease Cling to Clothing and Refuse to Come Out?

Grease stains can be a bit of a pain, especially since they're not soluble in water. Your standard laundry cycle won't cut it when it comes to greasy messes. A pre-treatment is the key! Baking soda and liquid dish soap are the way to go - the former will draw out the stain, and the latter will break up what remains. The special thing about dish soap is that it contains surfactants that interact with hydrogen bonds in the water, helping it to break through the grease.


If you're looking for a speedy alternative to tackling grease stains, our range of effective laundry products is the perfect solution. These powerful cleaning agents are designed to cut through grease with ease, quickly eliminating stains from your fabrics. Combining dish soap with baking soda will work to draw out the stain from the material and then the surfactants within the soap will break up any residual remains.

What to use to get rid of grease stains?

  • Baking soda
  • A toothbrush
  • Dish soap
  • A piece of cardboard or dark towel you don't mind transferring the stain to

Step-by-step to get rid of grease stains

  1. Lay the article of clothing flat.
  2. Place the cardboard or old towel underneath the stain.
  3. If the stain is fresh and hasn't been through the washer and dryer yet, sprinkle baking soda on top of the grease. If it has set, pour enough dish soap onto the stain to cover it well. Leave the baking soda or dish soap on the clothing for about 5-10 minutes.
  4. Use a toothbrush to scrub the baking soda or dish soap into the stain, really working it in (be careful not to damage the fabric, though).
  5. If your stain is fresh, you'll notice the baking soda changing color. Scrape the first round of baking soda away and apply more.
  6. Repeat the process until the baking soda no longer turns brown.
  7. If your stain is fresh, now is the time to add dish detergent (if the stain is still there). If your stain is old, sprinkle enough baking soda onto the dish detergent to cover the stained area.
  8. Scrub again with the toothbrush.
  9. Let the mixture set for 10-15 minutes.
  10. Wash the clothing as you normally would, using the hottest water the fabric will allow. Some cotton clothing is prone to shrinking in hot water, so use your best judgment depending on the type of clothing that's stained. Mama's Laundry Talk has tips for selecting the best water temperature.
  11. Check to make sure the stain is gone before drying the garment.

Expert tips when getting rid of grease stains with baking soda

Wear a protective apron when you're working with grease. This will protect your clothing and prevent more stains on your clothes! Try to remove the grease stain as soon as you notice it. Letting it set will make it more difficult to remove the grease stains from the clothes.

Housecleaning Central suggests trying aloe vera on grease stains. Always try a stain removal method on a small section of the clothing first. Though baking soda and dishwashing liquid should be safe on cotton, it's always best to be sure.

If you have a huge mess on your hands and grease is on more than your clothes, Reader's Digest has some tips for removing grease stains from all sorts of surfaces.

Other alternatives to get rid of grease

No longer should you stress over how to clean greasy spots off your favorite garments, even if they are made of cotton! It may take a little effort, but the tools to achieve success can be found in most households. It can be difficult to think about removing these kinds of stains, but you know now that it is possible to restore that garment to looking good as new. Alternatively, you can try our products from Grab Green for easy and effective stain removal.



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