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How to Keep Your Baby’s Clothes Extra Clean

Posted by Andres Jimenez on
keep your babys clothes extra clean


Your baby deserves only the best, and that includes freshly cleaned clothes to wear each and every day.  Fortunately, baby clothes are almost always made to be extremely washable – after all, companies know that tired moms don’t have the time or energy to hand-wash each garment – and are therefore very easy to keep as clean as possible.  But, we also know that baby clothes are uniquely prone to stains from food, spit-up, and the like, meaning that they require some extra care to get them really clean. 

Here are some tips that will keep your baby’s clothes extra clean while simultaneously making your life easier.

Tip #1: Clean Your Baby’s Clothes Separately

First off, we always recommend doing a separate load for your baby’s clothes, because it’s likely that you’ll be using different products, and also because some fibers in other laundry components can be too rough for the typically softer clothes that your baby wears, causing wear along with pilling.  Besides that, it minimizes the risk of colors bleeding onto your baby’s clothes and causing discoloration.

Tip #2: Use a Gentle Wash

It’s important to use an allergen-sensitive and gentle laundry detergent for your baby’s clothes, to avoid irritating their skin in any way.  A gentle cleanser can be perfectly effective at doing the job, so don’t think that “gentle” means “weak”.  Read those ingredients carefully to make sure that the term “gentle” isn’t just used for marketing purposes, while there are known irritants in the formula.

Tip #3: Use an All-Natural and Gentle Stain Remover

Of course, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to take care of stains on a pretty frequent basis.  But fortunately, there are plenty of baby-friendly stain removers out there, as well as lots of DIY recipes that are perfectly gentle for both your baby and their more delicate garments.  Use a stain remover as needed and according to the directions so that the clothes consistently come out looking like brand new.  Don’t assume that those stains will come out with detergent alone.

Tip #4: Separate Whites from Colors

As you do when doing your own laundry, it’s important to separate whites from colors.  That’s because the colors on your baby’s clothes can bleed onto the whites and cause them to look dingy or discolored.  This includes not only clothes, but also blankets, towels, pillowcases and other materials of theirs that you launder on a regular basis.

Tip #5: Check for Stains Before Loading into the Dryer

Remember to look for stains on clothes before switching them into the dryer.  If you used a pre-laundry stain remover, look over the stained garments carefully before loading them into your dryer, because the dryer can set stains and make them permanent, which is especially true of blood stains.  If the stains still haven’t come out, then you’ll want to consider trying again, or using a different method/product.  A lot of people find that a solution of vinegar, salt and water, left to soak for about 30 minutes prior to dabbing off, is a great choice.  Always run your load again after you’ve effectively removed the stain to wash away the stain remover.

Grab Green Baby Laundry Products: Pampering Your Baby & Our Planet in Every Way

If you’re looking for baby-friendly laundry products to clean your baby’s clothes without introducing irritants into the fibers and harming their skin, then you’ll want to explore the products at Grab Green Home, which use natural, gentle ingredients that have what it takes to keep their garments looking like new. 

We carry highly effective laundry detergent that can take out stains and keep their clothes soft and cozy, as well as dryer sheets that prevent cling, which can be as aggravating to your baby as it is to you.

  • Newborn Baby Laundry Detergent Pods: Naturally-derived, highly concentrated, and specifically formulated to remove formula, breast milk, spit-up, and diaper disasters, yet are safe for cloth diapers. The Calming Chamomile fragrance will enhance your newborn's linens & clothing with a light, soft scent.
  • Newborn Baby Dryer Sheets: Made without wax or animal-derivatives its Calming Chamomile fragrance will enhance your newborn's linens & clothing with a light, soft scent.
  • Baby Laundry Detergent Pods {5+ months}—Dreamy Rosewood: Naturally-derived, highly concentrated, and specifically formulated to remove pureed fruits + veggies, cereal starches, and dirt + grass. Also made without harsh chemicals.  Plus, the Dreamy Rosewood fragrance will enhance your baby's linens & clothing with a light, bright scent.
  • Baby Dryer Sheets {5+ months} - Dreamy Rosewood: These compostable dryer sheets are formulated to soften babies' clothing, linens, and plush toys while reducing static cling. They perfectly pair in size and fragrance to our Baby Laundry Detergent Pods and will enhance your baby’s clothing and linens with a soft, calming scent of Dreamy Rosewood.

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