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How To Eliminate Household Odors

Posted by Andres Jimenez on
room & fabric freshener
Have you ever had a bad scent linger in your home that seems like it never truly goes away? And when you finally spray something to get rid of it, that new scent actually just layers on top and makes it worse?

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s sweaty kids, a dirty dog, or a leftover dinner odor, there are a multitude of smells that can settle in as new residents in your home. And your average room freshener isn’t always up to the task of getting the smell to go away.

Most room fresheners mask odors with perfumes, leaving you with either a gross combination of scents or one overwhelmingly perfumed smell. And it might just be us, but we’re pretty tired of extra-strong artificial scents taking over our house.

That’s why we created our Room & Fabric Freshener. We want our homes to smell naturally fresh, be rid of any other pesky odors, and, last but not least, be free of harmful ingredients. So, we created a product that actually neutralizes odors, and does it all naturally. Not only are you getting a lovely scent (and we have seven to choose from!), but we’re helping to get rid of all other yucky smells.

Like all our Grab Green products, our Room & Fabric Freshener has no harmful phthalates or formaldehydes. We use essential oils to produce our fresh fragrances, which makes our biodegradable formula perfect for safely eliminating odors and freshening the air you’re breathing.

We love our Room & Fabric Freshener for the way it freshens up any room—not just your bathroom or kitchen. A spritz into a closet or storage space helps to add some freshness to spaces that might go untouched for a while.

To add some longer-lasting freshness to your home, we also recommend lightly spritzing some of our freshener on your bath towels or bedding. It’ll help to get rid of any stale odors they may have collected in the linen closet or being washed with other materials or garments.

You can also lightly spray any hanging curtains to neutralize existing odors and leave them smelling clean and fresh. Our essential oils will continue to give off their rich fragrances, making sure that your home continues to smell good for days after.

While we care for all the people that live in our homes, we also can’t forget our furry friends! It’s easy to forget that they have their own dirt and germs and smells that they bring into the house, so it’s important to clean their spaces, too. Use our Room & Fabric Freshener to get rid of any unwanted pet smells, whether it’s that persistent litter box smell or the wet dog smell that came with the afternoon thunderstorm.

Scents have incredible power to make life good, or bad. We want to get rid of those gross, pesky smells and make room for all the things that smell nice and make you happy. There’s nothing we want more than for you to live your best-smelling life!

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