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How to Clean Your Sink

Posted by Jacque Alec on
how to clean your sink


Considering how many times we use our sinks daily, it’s no wonder why we need to clean them so frequently.  But, that doesn’t mean that all of us do clean our sinks enough – or, if we do, we’re not cleaning them the right way, meaning that they’re still dirty or hiding germs. 

We’re going to talk about the best cleaning methods for both types of sinks in your home – the sink in your kitchen, and the sink in your bathroom.  We use these two sinks for different purposes, and they’re usually made from different materials as well, which means that each one requires a different method to keep it sparkling clean and free of bacteria.

Cleaning a Kitchen Sink

Typically, our kitchen sink requires more frequent cleaning than the sink in the bathroom.  That’s because we usually use our bathroom sink mainly to wash our hands, while our kitchen sink sees its fair share of grease, food debris, and more, since we use it to also wash our dishes.

Ultimately, kitchen sinks are constructed from materials that can withstand abrasive cleaning methods.  If you’ve a specialty sink made from a more exotic type of material, such as certain types of stone, you will need to buy a cleaner made specifically for that material, since the more conventional cleaning methods may harm the surface. 

Assuming your sink is made from stainless-steel or something similar, follow these easy step below, and consider washing your sink daily.

Step #1: Sprinkle an even layer of baking soda all over the inside of your kitchen sink, along with a high-quality Grab Green Kitchen Power Degreaser

Step #2: Allow it to sit for about 5 minutes.

Step #3: Use an abrasive brush or sponge, or steel wool, to thoroughly scrub the inside of your sink.  Combined with the baking soda, this should be enough abrasion to completely remove any stains and discoloration.

Step #4: Remove your drain catcher and sprinkle it with baking soda.  Use an unused toothbrush or tiny scrub brush to thoroughly clean it all over.

Step #5: Rinse the sink completely.

Step #6: If needed, wipe down remaining residue with a paper towel or cloth.

Cleaning a Bathroom Sink

Like we said, bathroom sinks are a little lower maintenance.  We aren’t washing greasy dishes in there, and then getting food debris all over the inside.  Still, no one wants a dirty bathroom sink, and stains will show up much better on white porcelain than stainless steel.  You should clean your sink a couple of times a week at least, and while most bathroom sinks don’t need to be cleaned daily, busier households may find that their sinks get dirty more often.

Again, if your bathroom sink is made from a specialty material, like quartz, marble or stone, you’ll need to consider an alternative cleaning method to the one below based on the needs of that specific material. 

Method #1: Thoroughly spray the inside of your sink using Grab Green All Purpose Cleaner.  Then, wipe the inside of the sink thoroughly using a paper towel or semi-abrasive cloth.  If your sink is made from porcelain, avoid using anything too abrasive, as that will scratch the porcelain and wear it down, meaning, you will need to replace your sink sooner than you want to.

Method #2: If your bathroom sink is seriously stained, you will need to use a more advanced cleaning product specifically made for cleaning the porcelain in your bathroom.  Follow the directions on the label to make sure that you’re using it properly. 

Keeping Your Sink Clean Isn’t Just for Looks

Our sinks can get pretty gross if we’re not staying on top of cleaning.  Not only that, but they can accumulate all kinds of unwanted germs that we don’t want crawling around our homes.  Fortunately, cleaning a sink properly is a straightforward process, whether it’s the sink in your kitchen or your bathroom.  Again, follow these tips and methods carefully, and make sure that you’re using Grab Green Home’s high-quality cleaning products, to ensure that they’re effective enough to do most of the hard work for you.

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