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How to Clean Your Refrigerator

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There’s just something about a refrigerator that gets super dirty, even if everything inside of it is properly sealed.  And, as we all know, cleaning a refrigerator is an investment in time, since there’s a lot of real estate, mixed with a lot of tough stains that are all the more stubborn due to the cold air which hardens things like sugars, oils and crusty sauce spills.

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But, with the right nontoxic cleaning products, you can clean your entire fridge effectively, with surprisingly little effort.  At Grab Green Home, we offer a variety of non-toxic and natural cleaning products that do a lot of the hard work for you.

Do You Need to Use Toxic Cleaning Agents to Clean Your Refrigerator?

The good news is that you don’t need to use a bunch of toxic chemicals to get your fridge back to its original sparkling state.  Now, we don’t recommend using natural homemade cleaners for this type of job, simply because you need to stick to more substantial products that can cut through the tough stains that make fridge-cleaning a pain.  And, there are plenty of natural, eco friendly cleaning products that break up the toughest of tough refrigerator spills and stains, without requiring that you breathe in harsh fumes in the process. 

Now, there are two all-natural cleaning products that we recommend for cleaning a refrigerator: Gab Green’s Kitchen Power Degreaser and Liquid Dish Soap, both of which aren’t just nontoxic cleaning products, but sustainable cleaning products to be as friendly to your health as they are to the environment.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Fridge?

The good news is that you don’t need to clean your refrigerator daily, or even weekly.  Once every 3 months (4-5 times a year) is just fine, because that’s about how long it takes for it to get really dirty.  And, since things that go into the fridge are covered or sealed, there’s not a major risk of contamination should there be spills and grease on the walls and shelves.  Now, if you do have a spill, you’ll obviously want to clean that right away using a paper towel and our kitchen degreaser formula.

How to Clean Your Refrigerator with Natural Cleaning Products

Step #1: First, you’ll want to take out any removable sections such as small drawers and shelves.  If you can, wash them in your sink with hot water and our non toxic dish soap since it’s easier to wash these components at a warmer temperature, as the cold temperature of your fridge makes stains stay hard and tough to scrub away.

Step #2: Now, you can start tackling the inside of the fridge.  We recommend working from the top down, since as you clean one shelf, some debris will fall onto the lower one.  Use our degreaser formula to spray the entirety of the refrigerator liberally, one section at a time, allowing the formula to sit for about 2 minutes before scrubbing with a sponge meant for scrubbing rather than wiping.  For tougher, harder pieces of gunk, you may need to use a scraping tool like a butter knife, after placing hot water on it to help melt some of the grease or sugars in the residue. 

Step #3: Continue working your way down the fridge, including the shelves on the door, as well as the floor of the fridge beneath the produce shelves.  Then, take a fresh sponge and dip it into water before wiping down the interior once more.

Step #4: Now, you can put the removable components back into the refrigerator.  Lastly, use the same degreaser and sponge to clean the outside of the fridge.

Your Refrigerator Doesn’t Need to be Cleaned That Often, But When You Do Clean it, Clean it Right

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With a little bit of eco friendly dish soap and other nontoxic cleaning products, you can keep that refrigerator looking as good as new without the harsh chemicals that make you dizzy after a few minutes.  At Grab Green Home, people rely on our natural cleaning products to keep their refrigerators clean without the risks to their health.

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