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3 Mistakes Most People Make Doing Their Laundry

Posted by Andres Jimenez on
3 common mistakes doing laundry

People start doing their laundry at different ages and I guess some people never learn how to do it at all, but for me I immediately liked it. I liked how I looked when my clothes were clean and smelled lovely. For others it can be challenging and frustrating experience.

As embarrassing as this is, I have to admit love doing laundry. I read the manufacturing washing instructions since the beginning. There was a pretty big learning curve as it related to the washer and dryer features so that took some time to understand. Even today, I take some time to review the manual. In some cases, machines might as well have been the dashboard of a spaceship. Temperature, spin cycle, soil level, timing, delicates. Begin by sorting the hopefully the notes below will be helpful to you.

3 Mistakes Most People Make Doing Their Laundry

1. You’re Not Using HE Soap

  • HE washers are designed to use little soap and sud less so don’t overpower the eco-friendly washers with too much soap or you might find yourself playing bubble bath in the laundry room.

2. You’re Using the Wrong Temperature

  • Whites, linens, and heavily soiled fabrics are best washed in warm water, while other types of materials and colors are best in cold water. Make sure to check the tags of your clothing so that you’re whites stay white and your clothes don’t shrink!
  • Be careful because some fabrics can shrink.

3. You’re Overstuffing the Washer and Dryer

  • Let’s be honest, if you can do one load of laundry versus two you probably would! But be careful because overloading the washer and dryer can lead to some serious clothing drama. It causes your clothes to remain damp and accumulate odors. Also, it results in excessive wear, more wrinkles, and poor cleaning performance.

Hopefully you found these laundry tips helpful! If you have your own personal laundry doing style let us know!

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