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The Best Alternative To Bleach

Posted by Patricia Spencer on
The Best Alternative To Bleach

We all know that bitter, acrid smell that permeates the halls of a hospital or the corners of an industrial kitchen: bleach. It’s so strong you’ll walk away with your eyes stinging. 

Now, bleach has its place in society. It can’t be beat when it comes to disinfecting hotel rooms and kitchens, and for keeping hospitals clean and safe from bacteria and germs. But when you think of the burning in your eyes from just standing in a disinfected room, you can only imagine how bad bleach must be in other contexts. 

Bleach is highly effective when it comes to industrial sterilization, but oftentimes bleach is more dangerous than beneficial in the common household. Did you know that bleach has long been in the top two reasons why parents call Poison Control? Little kids are naturally curious, and while in many aspects of life that is great, when it comes to putting random spray bottles in their mouth, it’s not. Kids will often pick up random objects, and if there’s a spray bottle of bleach available, in it goes. And despite how effective we might like to think child-proof lids are, many kids can still get access to what’s inside your bottle of bleach under the sink. 

That bottle of bleach that you have on hand to get the wine stain out of your favorite shirt is actually extremely dangerous and harmful to you and your family. So, although there are good reasons to use bleach, nobody needs a hospital-strength cleaner for something that will rest against their delicate skin. 

You might ask: But how else can I save my white shirt? That’s where our bleach alternative pods step in. Free of chlorine and other harsh chemicals, our pods do the exact same job as bleach with none of its harsh impacts. 

Just toss a pod in with one of our heavenly-smelling detergent pods, and you can tackle any difficult stains, dingy colors and whites, or pesky odors. We want you to have the freshest clothing and linens, but only in the safest way possible. 

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