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Safer And Effective Cleaning Products Are Here!

Posted by Patricia Spencer on
Safer And Effective Cleaning Products Are Here!

“Safety first!” is what we tell our kids all the time. For them, that means looking both ways when they cross the street, chewing their food before they swallow, and stranger danger. 

So, why not tell ourselves the same thing? We all know safety when it comes to wearing seatbelts and helmets, but did you know that safety also applies to the cleaning products you use in your home?

Making healthier and safer, yet effective, alternatives to conventional home cleaning products was the main reason that we started Grab Green. With kids that played sports and rolled around in the dirt, we needed detergents that were going to cut through grass stains without agitating anyone’s skin. 

For us, safety means products free of solvents, ammonia, and bleach—all of which are found in conventional cleaning products. But talk about toxic! Those ingredients can lead to skin irritation, difficulty breathing, headaches, and more. 

We don’t want that for our kids or for ourselves. 

That’s why our non-toxic formulas get down and dirty with the best and the worst of the messes, without exposing anyone to chemicals. 

We’ve designed our products to be safe for your skin and everyday usage, but we’ve also designed our products to be safe in case of something that’s not supposed to happen every day.

We all know that kids are naturally curious and love to explore anything around them. So, to protect your family, we developed our powder pods to contain four different layers of safety. That’s four more than most conventional cleaning companies. 

Grab Green has taken every precaution possible to avoid any unnecessary harm.  

While liquid pods tend to be colorful and squishy, giving them an attractive, candy-like appearance, our pods are white and filled with powder to add two layers of safety. The simple, white coloring doesn’t look like an irresistible sweet, and the powder itself is difficult to ingest. 

Even if one of our pods does end up in anyone’s mouth, the extremely bitter tasting film will lead anyone to spit it out right away. 

The outer film of all our pods contains Bitrex, one of the most bitter substances in the world. For most people, but especially children, the extremely unpleasant taste of Bitrex is enough to prevent anything from staying in a mouth. 

Last but not least, our fourth layer of safety is the fact that our powder pods are filled with only non-toxic ingredients, eliminating the danger of bleach, ammonia, and other solvents. 

All of our Grab Green products are just the right balance of naturally derived plant and mineral ingredients, making them both gentler for our bodies and planet, and more effective. An added bonus to our safety guarantee is that all our solutions and materials are also safe for the planet. 

If you’re anything like us, the risk of conventional liquid pods just isn’t worth it—we love the people in our lives and the planet we inhabit too much to risk any of it. And not to brag or anything, but Grab Green pods are one of the best ways to take care of your people and our earth.

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