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Garbage Disposal Freshener & Cleaner Pods - 4 Pack

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Removes Odors | Loosens Grime | Helps Prevent Clogging

12 Pods

Our first-to-market, plant & mineral-based garbage disposal freshener & cleaner pods work triple-duty to clear out odors and remove build-up to prevent clogging, all without harsh, caustic chemicals.

More Information

Package design clearly states what the product does & how to use it; the ingredients are listed in full, along with each ingredient's purpose.

Powerful powder pods to tackle pesky disposal odors and grime! We source the finest ingredients & adjust our formulas to ensure the best cleaning products. The Velcro® closure easily opens and closes—meaning no hassling with finicky zips. Pre-measured for ease and simplicity.

Made WITHOUT Phosphates, Phthalates, Chlorine, Dyes or Masking Agents


Use 1 pod as necessary to keep disposal fresh & in proper working order.

 1 Turn on faucet & run a slow stream of warm water.
2 Drop pod into disposal & allow to dissolve.
3 Turn on disposal for a few seconds.
4 Reseal pouch for freshness.


True Transparency
we want you to know what's inside & why

sodium carbonate water softener
sodium carbonate peroxide cleans/removes grease & grime
sodium citrate cleans
fragrance contains a blend of juniperus virginiana (cedarwood) oil + safer man-made ingredients to ensure a consistent scent
c10-16 alkyl benzenesulfonic acid sodium salt removes food debris
hydrated silica anti-caking
sodium sulfate absorbs water
polyvinyl alcohol forms the pod
diamyl sodium sulfosuccinate boosts cleaning
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Delaware s.

Love these. In the beginning I had to use them often (I bought a 16 yr old house with its original smelly disposal). but now only once a month. The fragrance is temporary but the cleaning really lasts. I also used them in an old washing machine after expensive washer cleaning products failed. It worked! Do that occasionally. (Run washer without clothes in it, just the pod. )

Works easily and smells wonderful

Works like a charm, smells great. Found these on a “all natural” subscription service at a higher price and constantly out of stock.Happily purchased this multi-pack.

Amazon C.
Smells great!

I don’t like that these don’t fizz up in the disposal like other brands. I don’t feel that these clean as well as the others but the scent is on point and it lingers for a few minutes after you’ve ran it through the disposal. I like that it has all natural ingredients and is environmentally conscious. I will purchase again to use daily but will to continue to by my old cleaners for a deeper clean periodically.

Rena W.
Lacking scent - Revised 6/30/2020

I'm glad I only bought two pkgs of 12. I will not order again. Being lemongrass is fairly strong, I expected more scent. Sadly not the case with these. Barely noticed any scent at all. After using one, out of curiosity, I stuck my hand down in the disposal and felt something, pulled it out. It was the plastic coating of the pod. It did not dissolve at all. Be warned of that. Disposal replacement isn't cheap. On one positive note, my hand wasn't gross after digging the piece of plastic out of the disposal. Take the plastic piece retrieved from my disposal as you will. Plink never had anything like that left after use. Revised to add 6/30/2020: I used this product again and there was no piece of plastic left in the disposal. I guess I didn't have the water hot enough before to dissolve it. Still no scent but wanted to edit about the plastic. The blades felt clean after washing some greasy cookware. If you want a scent, this is not it. But it does work to the extent they are made for. They will not clean up the side of the disposal to the rubber, only the bottom at the blades. I will look for a foaming cleaner.

Grab grene

Muy buen producto