natural & effective

redefining cleaning

We believe that "effective" and "non-toxic" can be in the same sentence. You shouldn't have to choose between cleaners that work and a safe home environment.

We rely on the power of both plant and mineral based ingredients, and work tirelessly to create safer and effective formulas... the best of both worlds.


Designed for your

Life & Style

We design packaging to suit your life and style in both form and function. From light-weight laundry pouches with velcro closures in our Classic collection, to paper lunch-sac inspired textures and artisan designs in our Stoneworks Laundry line, we continue to develop collections that fit your life, your style, and your aspirations.

Better Ingredients

Superior formulas

The quality of ingredients used, and how those ingredients are put together, makes the difference between an average cleaner and a superior one. We use responsibly-sourced, higher quality plant & mineral-based ingredients, and work directly with organic chemists to design naturally-derived, effective formulas for your home-care & personal-care needs.

Grab Green Innovations

First-to -Market! Velcro closures—no more fussing
with  finicky zips!

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