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You Shouldn’t Have To Sacrifice Effective For Non-Toxic

It all started when co-founder Patricia Spencer, a mother of two daughters (Maddie & Britney) and two canine fur-babies (Sophie & Avery), became determined to provide healthier, effective, and safer alternatives to conventional home cleaning products. When Patricia's girls were young they'd come inside from playing in the garden, their clothes saturated with dirt and covered in stains. So much so that conventional laundry detergents weren't cutting it, and they were agitating the girls' skin—unacceptable!

Patricia ventured down the path of DIY recipes only to discover they called for ingredients such as solvents, ammonia, and chlorine. WOW—talk about toxic! Her curiosity, and concern, was immediately sparked.

How could she get her hands on cleaning products that were actually effective, but safe for her entire family? Simple. She would have to make them herself.

The Grab Green team has spent years developing formulas with just the right balance of naturally-derived plant and mineral ingredients to create non-toxic products that actually work. In fact, Grab Green home cleaning and laundry care solutions are even more effective than the leading conventional brands while remaining gentle on our planet! In 3rd-party testing, our laundry detergent OUTPERFORMED Tide in stain and soil removal, while our dishwashing detergent OUTPERFORMED Cascade, all with the power of plant & mineral-based ingredients.

We are so confident you’ll absolutely love our green cleaning products, which is why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If there are ANY issues, please let us know and we will make it right.

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